Many writers and instructors of writing disagree about the nature of editing and how it fits into the writing process. Some believe that editing involves a "search and destroy" approach to eliminating error. Others argue that editing and revising are intertwined in a mission to improve a writer's message on several levels, be that conceptual, organizational or mechanical. On this page, we have established links to help writers with various approaches and questions to consider as they seek to improve their writing or to become more self-reflective or self-critical of their own prose. Please advise us if you have suggestions for improving or adding to our links.

Understanding Revision and Editing (Paradigm's OWL)

Strategies for Proofreading (Purdue's OWL)

Editing and Proofreading (Writer's Place)

Using APA Style

Using MLA Style

Fat-Free Writing (Garbl's Writing Center)

Common Errors in English (Paul Brians-WSU)

Online Dictionary (Dictionary.com)


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