Many people disagree about when planning ends and drafting begins. For some people, sitting down and cranking out paragraphs and ideas on paper or the computer is crucial for planning what they have to say, but other people transfer the ideas shaped and organized in the planning stage to prose during the drafting stage. Ultimately the goal of the drafting stage is to complete a draft of your writing project that includes an introduction, a body, and conclusion. Our methods for getting to that end can often determine our success and satisfaction with writing. On this page, we have created links to help writers with various issues that come up at this point in the writing process.Please advise us if you have suggestions for improving or adding to our links.

Composing Strategies (Writers Place)

Anatomy of the Paragraph (Purdue's OWL)

Paraphrasing (Purdue's OWL)

Topics (Purdue's OWL)

Introduction (Purdue's OWL)

Conclusion (Purdue's OWL)

The First Draft (Purdue's OWL)

Tools for Writers


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