The Analysis of Dance and Movement (ADAM) Center, originally Soar Research, was founded in 1995 to analyze the movement demands of dance, develop new strategies to prevent injury, and develop more effective rehabilitation protocols following injury to benefit dancers. In 1998, it was invited to affiliate with Long Island University. Renamed the ADAM Center in 2002, our mission is to further multidisciplinary collaboration in research areas that include movement analysis, ergonomics and epidemiology, and prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal injury. We serve as a biomechanics and wellness resource to the Long Island University Brooklyn campus and the New York dance community.

The ADAM Center consists of a team of physical therapists, biomechanists, computer scientists, engineers, dancers, and athletes. By integrating the disciplines of our team members, we work to provide greater understanding of the scientific foundations of human movement in terms of how we learn to move and how we adapt to changes in our ability to move. We aim to:

  • Investigate the effects of three major factors - skill acquisition (training), human development (aging), and musculoskeletal injury or disease (injury) - on movement, function, and well-being across the life span
  • Aid in maximizing the physical resources of the individual to achieve optimal function
  • Identify the role that movement plays in enhancing quality of life
  • Disseminate the results of our research and educate scientists, medical practitioners, and movement educators in practical applications of these findings
  • Improve standards of practice in rehabilitation and movement education based on our results
  • Determine the role of rehabilitation in mitigating functional loss after injury

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