The ADAM Center laboratory combines a variety of biomechanical technologies to study movement including computerized motion and muscle activity analysis. Our laboratory is modeled along the lines of similar labs established for the study of elite performance and injury in professional and Olympic athletes. We use highspeed cameras, force platform, and telemetered electromyography (EMG) for rapid 3D kinematic and kinetic analysis of complex movements and postural control. Computer modeling techniques can be employed to predict the contribution of individual muscles and joints for a given movement task. The injured individual can be compared to the "normal" to create a construct of pathology-induced functional movement loss following musculoskeletal trauma.

Passé Sequence

Dancer performing a passé for data collection.
Passé performance stick figure.
Top: Toe displacement,
Bottom: Toe velocity.

For detailed information on biomechanical analysis of human movement click here.


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