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The Curriculum

To qualify for a degree, all LIU students must complete the Core Curriculum, all liberal arts and sciences courses, and all other departmental requirements as specified in the Undergraduate Bulletin. Honors students complete their liberal arts (humanities and social science) core requirements in an Honors context. As a result, you do not need to take any extra courses to complete the Program and graduate on time. Honors courses consist of three components:

The Freshman Sequence: Honors Literature, Honors History and Honors Philosophy
Social Science and Humanities Courses: Honors Social Science, Honors Psychology, Honors Speech, Honors Art, Honors Spanish, Honors French
Advanced Electives: unique, interdisciplinary seminars often including field trips, travel and guest lecturers

What makes Honors courses unique?

  • Class size limited to 16 students
  • Seminar format
  • Thematic and interdisciplinary exploration of class topics
  • Student-centered classroom experience
  • Critical and analytical thinking and writing are emphasized in all courses
  • Exciting and motivated faculty
  • Excited and motivated students

Comparison of the General Core with the Honors Core Curriculum

Area General Core Curriculum Credits Honors Core Curriculum Credits
  OS 1 1 OS 1 (Honors Sections) 1
Humanities: I

ENG 16

Core Seminar (COS  50)

ENG 61-64




Honors English (HEG 21, 22) 6
Humanities: II Philosophy (PHI 61, 62) 6 Honors Philosophy (HHP 21, 22) 6
Humanities: III Foreign Language 6 Honors Spanish (HLS 21,22)  or Honors French (HLF 21, 22) * 6
Humanities: IV Music/Art/Dance 61 3 Honors Art (HAR 21)** 3
Social Science: I History (HIS 1, 2) 6 Honors History (HHI 21, 22) 6
Social Science: II Social Science from Anthropology 4, 5, Economics 1,2, Political Science 11, Psychology 3, and Sociology 3 [1] 6 Social Science (HSS 21, 22) [2] 6
Communications: IV Speech (SPE 3) 3 Honors Speech (HSP 21, 22) 3
  Upper Level Liberal Arts Electives 9-12 Honors Electives 9 or 12 [3]

 Honors requires students to take the required courses in their major for which there is an Honors equivalent offered in the Honors Program. Honors does not require that students take any additional courses.


* Not required of Business, or Pharmacy or School of Health Professions majors.
** Required only of Richard L. Conolly College and School of Education students.
1 For some majors one Social Science is designated as Psychology.
2 Business majors are required to take Economics 1, 2 to satisfy Social Science requirement.
3 Students who begin the Honors Program after they complete the Core Curriculum or the equivalent in transfer credits take 12 credits of Honors Electives to complete the program.

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