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For more than 35 years, the University Honors Program has been nurturing critical and independent thinkers at the Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University. Designed to provide qualified students enrolled in all majors with the strong leadership skills and cultural sensitivity necessary to succeed in a complex world, the Program offers a small college experience within the larger university environment. Honors fosters a thriving intellectual community based in the Honors Center, a new, fully wired suite in the Pratt Building. Here students can continue their classroom discussions, form study groups, or just relax and have lunch. The Program features small classes, a high degree of student-faculty interaction and an emphasis on experiential education. Drawing on the wealth of resources that exist throughout New York City, students integrate their classroom experience with the vast cultural, political and social offerings available in the metropolitan area. As a member of the Honors community you’ll have opportunities to visit museums; attend dance, music and theater productions; and participate in various cultural events. Internships, volunteer placements and original research projects will serve as invaluable preparation for future leadership roles. Graduates of the University Honors Program typically go on to pursue graduate or professional degrees, or attain management positions in the corporate and non-profit arenas. Admission to the Honors Program requires a strong record of academic achievement, a short essay and an interview.

Graduating with Honors

Students earn the certification of Honors on their diplomas by completing the Freshman and Sophomore Sequence Honors courses and at least three Honors Advanced Electives, while maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.0 and good standing in the program. Transfer students and those who have already completed most of their core distribution requirements earn Honors certification by completing their remaining lower-division requirements in Honors and taking at least four Honors Advanced Electives. All Honors students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0. In addition to the Honors certification on the diploma, all graduating honors students receive special recognition at the University Awards Day ceremony on the eve of Graduation Day.

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