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Intercultural Institute on Human Development and Aging

The Intercultural Institute on Human Development and Aging is an active research laboratory that conducts
community survey projects. Inaugurated in 1996 with funding from the Long Island University administration, the Institute’s mission is to promote research, training and consultation on the role of cultural and ethnic factors in human development and aging, as well as to foster self-determination and cultural competence among members of ethnic communities. Its goals are to identify socioeconomic, psychological, health and educational factors that affect the course of growth and development within ethnic groups, to serve as a resource to community leaders in designing intervention programs that promote positive growth and development, to advise policy makers at federal, state and local levels on issues of human development within ethnic minority communities – especially with respect to children and the elderly – and to generate data-based recommendations that reflect the conditions of minority and immigrant families and communities. Additionally, the Institute aims to provide training in research methods in the social and biological sciences for Brooklyn Campus undergraduate biomedical and social science majors, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, providing special attention to the training of students from the various ethnic groups that constitute the diverse student population.

For more information, contact Archana Adalja at (718) 780-4336 or visit www.liu.edu/brooklyn/research

If you would like to support any of the programs described in this publication, please call:

Dr. Carol Magai
Director, Intercultural Institute on Human Development and Aging
(718) 488-1177

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