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Liberty Partnership Youth Empowerment Program
Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP)
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The Center for Urban Educators (CUE)
Intensive Teacher Institute for Bilingual/ESL Teachers(ITI-BE/ESL)
Campus of Long Island University, we understand that acquiring a well-rounded education is, for people from all walks of life, the key to attaining the “American dream.” We assist individuals of all ages, socio-economic backgrounds and phases of their education in focusing on their goals and objectives and on seeing them through to fruition. We develop and deliver our community-centered programs, taking special care to evaluate the needs of each group that we serve and to understand the unique challenges that they face. Our educational initiatives include teaching youngsters critical early learning skills, helping students to finish high school and to plan for college, building literacy among entire families and encouraging adult learners to continue their education. Our deep respect for the varied cultures and ethnic identities that distinguish the Campus and the community enables us to provide an educational environment that values diversity and intellectual freedom and that fosters lifelong learning and civic responsibility.


If you would like to support any of the programs described in this publication, please call:

Gladys Schrynemakers
Office of the Provost
(718) 488-3405

Long Island University Brooklyn Campus Community Connections
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