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Since 1981, the Brooklyn Campus’s Bridge Programs have encouraged the educational aspirations of local high school students through challenging college-level academic options. Sponsored by the University Honors Program, the Bridge Programs offer a variety of experiences each one unique in structure and approach. The Senior Bridge Program provides accomplished high school seniors the opportunity to enroll in introductory-level undergraduate courses on campus. The College Project introduces outstanding high school juniors to college academic life through weekly spring-semester seminars in varied disciplines. Each summer the BASIS Program offers students between their junior and senior years an interdisciplinary college course to sharpen thinking and communications skills as well as to increase motivation for attending college.

For information, call Susanna Yurick at (718) 488-1049 or visit Bridge programs are tuition free and are open to qualified high school juniors and seniors. (See application requirements and cost and fee information on the program Web site.)


If you would like to support any of the programs described in this publication, please call:

Gladys Schrynemakers
Office of the Provost
(718) 488-3405

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